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Whether the divorce was your idea, your spouse’s idea, or something that you decided together, a divorce can be very complicated and messy, and can leave a world of financial problems in it’s wake. I will help make the process as painless as possible.

One important thing I do is take the legal steps necessary to identify all of the assets that need to be divided. It is not at all uncommon during this process to discover that one spouse may own certain assets about which the other spouse had no idea. Bank accounts, investments, and other potentially valuable property have been turned up in divorce proceedings that have come as a complete surprise to one of the parties. With  me on your team, you can avoid those kinds of surprises and make sure that you come away with a fair settlement

Auto Accidents

Divorce / Child Custody

The most common area of personal injury is auto accidents. The at-fault driver in an auto accident is generally liable for the other parties' personal injuries and property damage. If the at-fault driver has insurance coverage, a claim would be filed against their insurance policy. If the at-fault driver has no insurance, or not enough insurance to compensate you for your injuries, a claim could be filed against your own insurance policy. If the case cannot be settled fairly with the insurance company, it may be necessary for you to file a lawsuit. Dealing with an insurance company can be a frustrating process. Let my team handle that frustration for you.

When you have been wrongfully injured, you will need an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to get what you deserve. Many insurance companies will quickly make much larger settlement offers when they find out you have legal representation on your side. A skilled personal injury attorney not only knows the law, but also knows exactly what steps to take in the court system to make sure that you get every penny you deserve.

Criminal Defense

Many lawyers may offer to "fight for you," but unless your battle is fought wisely and well, more energy will not help you.  I am not only passionate about protecting your rights, but I will pursue your goals with intelligence and strategy.  I handle all criminal charges, including capital murder, murder, rape, arson, kidnapping, burglary, assault,  harassment, theft, drug related offenses, DUI, and most other felony or misdemeanors.

I represent both adult and juvenile clients in criminal matters.

Estate Planning

I discuss my clients’ objectives and assist them in identifying their short-term and long-term estate planning goals. I will then prepare only those legal documents which are necessary  to pass property to the people and in the manner desired, while reducing (or even eliminating) estate tax liability. I will also aid in and guide our clients through the probate process.

Business Planning

I assist my clients in determining the most appropriate form of business entity, based upon the type of business conducted, the location of the business, and the tax consequences corporate-legal-documents-attorney of each; and then prepare the documentation necessary to establish the business. The forms of business entities which I prepare include:

Small Business and “C” Corporations
General and Limited Partnerships
Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships

I also review corporate documentation and assist in updating minute books.

Some of the documentation which we prepare includes:

Articles of Incorporation and Organization
Organizational Minutes
Subscription Agreements, Investment Letter Agreements and Share Certificates
Shareholders’ Agreements and Operating Agreements

I assist my clients in purchasing existing businesses, in selling their own, and in engaging in capital and other asset distributions, recapitalizations and business liquidations.

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